Kindergarten Program

Our centre offers pre prep aged children the opportunity to engage in a Kindergarten program. This is conducted by a Bachelor trained teacher. Our teacher creates a curriculum using their professional knowledge and understanding of children’s interests, ideas and intentions while incorporating parent, family and of course child interests. There is a strong sense of community and family involvement throughout all of the curriculums at Bayside. Our Kindergarten teacher will draw support from the Queensland Kindergarten Learning Guidelines which also aims at strengthening children’s sense of belonging, being and becoming, relating directly back to the Early Years Learning Framework. Throughout the course of the Kindergarten program, children will be encouraged to:

  • Make deliberate and well-informed decisions to promote and enrich children’s holistic learning and development
  • Build respectful relationships with family, community and professional partners
  • Promote children’s wellbeing and ongoing learning progress
  • Interact with children, with a clear learning focus to promote learning
  • Support children with additional needs
  • Effectively monitor and assess children’s learning, and communicate appropriately with relevant partners about children’s progress
  • Build connections between children’s prior, current and future learning experiences to promote continuity of learning

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